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LaVar Ball gets tech at AAU game, cusses out ref, then forfeits

LaVar Ball is back to his old antics, and this time it came on a high school basketball court.

Ball, coaching his Big Ballers AAU team on Saturday, didn’t like a call that was made against his team. He argued with the referee, saying, It’s not a foul, it’s not a foul and some other choice words.

Then, Ball pulled his team off the court. It’s important to note his team was winning 69-60 at the time he pulled his players off the court. Here’s video of the incident:

Ball was later asked why he made the decision to forfeit the game.

It wasn’t about the referees, Ball said outside (via Not going to have my guys playing hard and they cheating. I don’t play that.

Right after explaining, he stopped to take a photo with a teenager. Yet another classic move from Ball.

That’s brutal against the Warriors. Their elite defenders wouldn’t even bat an eye at Rose, and they would generously help off him to stop penetration elsewhere.

Oh, and speaking of defense, Rose is not great on that end. While he possesses the physical tools to be passable defensively, he often fails to give full effort and finds himself out of position. While you can’t pin all of the Knicks’ defensive issues on Rose (only five teams had a worse defensive rating than New York last season), he certainly didn’t help. The Knicks’ defense was 5.5 points per possession worse with Rose on the floor (from 108.8 to 114.3).

Imagine the looks on the faces of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant if they saw Rose switching onto them following a screen. That’s just instant buckets every time.

Placing Rose in the starting lineup next to Irving would be an odd fit, and Cleveland just signed Calderon as a backup point guard. They have enough one-way players. If the ultimate goal is to take the Larry O’Brien trophy back from the Warriors, Rose won’t get the job done.

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Kyrie Irving, Neymar facing similar situations to escape teammates’ shadows

Try to remember what it was like watching the star player on your high school sports team soak up all the attention. Barcelona forward Neymar and Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving are still sick of that feeling.

The two mega stars are reportedly hoping to move from their current teams in an attempt to escape the shadows of even bigger stars currently on their same rosters.

So when you’re talking about negotiations on his part, I’m already extending to him that I’m willing to meet the max. But there are some things that I need out of him, and that is the commitment to be a better player than you are today.

After taking on veterans Jimmy Butler, Jamal Crawford and Taj Gibson during the offseason, Taylor wants to make sure Wiggins will fully commit to leading the team.

I think it’s important. I don’t know what else you can do but look at the person face-to-face and trust that he will follow through, Taylor said. He seems like a very good person. He seems to have the ability and so the only thing it would be is for some reason he didn’t work hard enough to obtain the skill sets. That’s what you’re asking him to commit to.

Wiggins’ new contract would be an extension of his rookie deal worth a whopping $150 million. By offering Wiggins this amount of money, the team clearly is looking to get out of its losing slump. Minnesota hasn’t made the playoffs since the 2003-04 season.

Wiggins was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. In his three seasons in Minnesota, he has averaged 20.4 points per game with 4.1 rebounds and 2.1 assists.

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Stephen Jackson says Gregg Popovich told him he had to quit smoking weed to join Spurs

Stephen Jackson and Gregg Popovich are straight shooters.

Just ask Cap’n Jack, now a popular NBA analyst on ESPN, what he thinks of current Nets wingman DeMarre Carroll’s comments about the Raptors, his former employer, or bring up President Donald Trump around the Spurs coach.

Knowing that, it’s no surprise Popovich’s pitch to Jackson was as clear cut as they come when the two crossed paths back in 2001. Popovich knew he could use the 6-8, 220-pound Port Arthur, Texas native, but he also knew there was one obstacle keeping San Antonio from acquiring Jackson’s services.

It’s about trying to get used to each other. Of course we knew what each other can do from when we matched up against each other when he was in Sacramento, but it’s different now, learning where he likes to be and where I can get my shots from, or where he can get his shots. We didn’t want to waste training camp trying to figure that out. We’re going to both use this to be ready and try to improve the team.

New Orleans also acquired Rajon Rondo earlier this month on a one-year contract worth $3.3 million shortly after he was waived by the Bulls. Davis was impressed with Cousins’ ability to recruit his former Kings teammate during the 2015-16 season and praised him for helping build onto the Pelicans’ offense with the addition of Rondo.

[Cousins] played with him in Sac, and he definitely knows him very well, as well as from Kentucky, Davis said. He definitely was a key part in getting Rondo. We’re just happy we got him. It goes back to DeMarcus just trying to help the team in whatever way possible. Helping us to go get Rondo was one of those things.

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NBA trade rumors: Anthony Davis to Celtics not true

Anthony Davis loves it in New Orleans. He said as much to the Times-Picayune this week. But the more important thing to come out of that interview was his quote on a potential trade that got the NBA rumor mills swirling. The rumor that the Celtics had their eyes on Davis in a trade.

Davis heard the same rumors, but he put the kibosh on those rumors.

Irving reportedly made his request in a meeting with Gilbert more than two weeks ago, with the Spurs, Knicks, Heat and Timberwolves emerging as his preferred landing spots. The mood in Cleveland has only gotten worse since that meeting, as Irving reportedly thought LeBron James leaked his trade request and stopped taking calls from the Cavs. James was also forced to deny reports saying he is eager to see Irving moved.

Griffin believes Irving’s decision ultimately came down to a desire to find out how he can operate as the leading man on his team, not LeBron’s sidekick.

I think this is a guy who wants to know how good he can be, Griffin said. LeBron casts a very large shadow over an organization, and most of it is really, really positive. You know you’re expected to win a championship, by way of example. But what that doesn’t always allow is for a player like Kyrie to test his boundaries a little bit and see how good he can really be, and can I actually be the front man of a team like that?

You can watch the full segment about the Irving trade drama with Griffin and ESPN’s Amin Elhassan and Dave McMenamin below.

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Paul Pierce takes credit for Brandon Jennings leaving NBA to play in China

Brandon Jennings began his career with a bang, but quickly faded into obscurity as he’s averaged single-digit points for two straight seasons. He’s now gone even lower, heading to play in China where he’ll make less (1-year, $1.5 million) than the NBA minimum salary.

The point guard, who played for the Knicks and Wizards last season, caught some headlines earlier this year when he decided to bash Paul Pierce. The veteran announced his retirement before the season and during his final game Jennings tweeted, 1 ring don’t mean you get a farewell tour.

Harden finished with 27 points, 12 rebounds, six assists and two steals, while Paul finished with 13 points, 10 assists and this highlight 3-pointer.

It was a capacity crowd in the Los Angeles gym as NBA players DeMar DeRozan, Nick Young and Julius Randle played earlier in the day.

There were hundreds of people outside waiting, coming and going because they couldn’t get in, Drew League commissioner Chaniel Smiley told Today’s crowd had to be on my top-two list.

Paul is now eligible to play with LAUNFD in the Drew League playoffs. The team also features Rockets guard Bobby Brown, former NBA player Pooh Jeter and the top high school player in the class of 2018, Marvin Bagley III.

And there’s the system. Anthony played in Mike D’Antoni’s offense before, of course, for parts of two seasons in 2011 and 2012 with the Knicks, and his unwillingness to embrace the ball-sharing flow of D’Antoni-ball was a major factor in D’Antoni’s ultimate ouster from New York.

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Charles Barkley can’t have it both ways with Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant

The NBA season ended nearly two months ago, so it’s been a while since basketball fans have heard from Charles Barkley. But rest assured, Sir Charles has something to say about Kyrie Irving’s trade request.

During an interview on NBA TV, Barkley described Irving’s desire to be the man as stupid. Irving reportedly told Cavs owner Dan Gilbert he wants to be the focal point of a team and no longer wants to play alongside LeBron James. That confused Barkley, to say the least.

So, what’s the problem here? Should players avoid the gravy train and find their own way to a title without joining super teams? Or are players silly not to consider joining star-studded rosters?

Griffin’s extensive injury history including offseason foot surgery that might force him to miss the start of training camp this fall didn’t stop the Clippers from doing what they had to do and committing to their All-Star power forward. That commitment, in turn, made Griffin’s decision to stay really easy.

In the end, I realized this was a no-brainer for me, Griffin told reporters, per the Los Angeles Daily News. This was the best place for me.

The money is great, but there are other reasons Griffin should like his situation. The biggest: He’s poised to reach his apex on the court in his new role as LA’s point-forward. The role suits him; he’s one of the best-passing big men in the NBA and he still has freakish athletic ability at 28.

With Griffin taking over a lot of the ballhandling from Paul, the Clippers will gain something important, coach and team president Doc Rivers told reporters.

Some might view that as a shot at Paul, but it wasn’t. Rivers was simply being honest. Paul needed the ball in his hands.

Now it will be Griffin distributing to DeAndre Jordan, Paul’s replacement Patrick Beverley, and everyone else who will be playing alongside him.

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