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The Mets are open for business and may be sellers soon

If you take a quick glance at the current NL East standings, there aren’t too many surprises. The Washington Nationals are far ahead of everyone else and appear to be cruising to another divisional title. The Marlins and Braves are fighting for mediocrity, and the Phillies are firmly placed in the cellar. That leaves us with the disappointing Mets, who are going into Saturday’s games with a record of 32-41 — that’s good enough for 4th in the NL East and they’re closer to the Phillies than they are the Nationals.

Tournament upstart Davidson advanced its way out of the Chapel Hill regional, upending No. 2 overall seed North Carolina twice for playing rights against Texas A&M in College Station. The Aggies, for their part, eliminated regional host Houston last weekend, and this best-of-three series with the Wildcats will be the most intriguing of the super regional round.

No. 1 overall national seed Oregon State continues to host for the super regional round in Corvallis, and the Beavers would appear to be the prohibitive favorites to win the entire tournament. They’re matched up with Vanderbilt, though, who averaged more than seven runs per game in winning the Clemson regional.

All the games can be streamed via WatchESPN. We’ll update the schedule and scores below throughout the super regional round.

As far as sponsorship deals go, there’s something really pure about a guy who loves hot sauce getting hot sauce to throw him fancy private brunches in fancy private clubs �� where people pay him to eat his daily Bowl of Doom. I find it admirable that a bajillionaire athlete is still hustling for cheap condiments: He might even get a frozen pizza sponsorship, assuming the DiGiorno people read this article.

If the only downside is that he occasionally has to sit on a bench answering some weird reporter’s inane questions about hot dogs and deserted islands? Well, there are higher prices to pay.

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Who is ‘The Freeze’ and why does he keep beating Braves fans in races?

Last week, a new superhero sprinted into the lives of sports fans across the country. His name is The Freeze, and his power? Schooling people in between innings at Atlanta Braves games.

And while that might not sound like a power that needs the word super attached to it, you really have to see The Freeze in action to believe it. In the event, the fan is given a 200-foot head start … and The Freeze still wins. Every time.

I was anxious, both anxious and disappointed, when my name wasn’t called till the third day, you know what I mean, but either way his future is bright, he told media.

Dusty was picked by the Atlanta Braves in the 26th round of the 1967 draft and went on to win the World Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1981. So don’t count out Darren he’s come a long way since his days of being a too-young batboy.

The three seasons that missed, though, were 2011, 2013, and 2014. You can give them a pass for the first one, considering that Jeter hit .297/.355/.388, which was better than the average shortstop, even if his defense dragged him down. There are no such disclaimers for ’13 and ’14, though. Those were rough, rough seasons.

The other teams with MVP-caliber seasons were the Rangers and Mariners, who combined for five of them. All five were from Alex Rodriguez, who helped both teams inflate their numbers over the last two decades.

He was so, so amazing. If you know him only from centaur jokes and general weirdness, please reevaluate. He was Mike Trout before there was Mike Trout.

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Davidson infielders collide on pop fly to give Texas A&M 2 runs

Davidson, your new favorite college baseball team, is currently locked in a daunting super regional tilt with Texas A&M in College Station, and they dropped Friday night’s marathon opener, 7-6, after 15 innings.

The Wildcats carried an impressive 6-2 lead into the top of the eighth, and all was in order until starter Evan Roberts’ wheels fell off, giving up five runs with one out. That brought in Austin Leonard, who lasted not even an out and gave up another run, and he was then followed by Allen Barry.

Cal State Fullerton counters with Connor Seabold on the mound. The junior was 11-5 with a 3.01 ERA, and drafted in the third round by the Phillies. Facing the No. 1 team in the country does not faze Seabold.

That’s what we wanted because we know we’re better than them. We know we can beat them, Seabold told Robert Morales of the Orange County Register on Wednesday. If we play the better game, we’ll win. So that’s what we’ve gotta believe.

The second game on Saturday features first-round pick No. 30 overall to the Cubs Alex Lange on the mound for No. 4 LSU, playing Florida State.

The College World Series is a double-elimination format, with two teams vying for a spot in the finals, a best-of-three series scheduled for June 26-28.

You can see the trend in those last three troublesome spots, and it’s worth noting that the Cubs have gotten by without developing any of their own. But if the Cubs season continues like this through July, they’ll have the assets with which to fix the problem. Some of their hitters aren’t hitting, and I’m not as worried about that. Some of their starters aren’t living up to their lofty expectations, and I’m a little more skeptical of that, but not dismissive.

But if you wanted to feast on the goo inside, that’s your prerogative. When everyone else comes around to your way of thinking, you’ll control a disproportionate amount of the goo inside, and then you’ll look extremely wise.

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This interference call erased the tying run for LSU in the College World Series final

We’re deep into Game 2 of the College World Series championship series, and Florida and LSU have already delivered on what was a much ballyhooed best-of-three tilt. That has continued into Game 2, where a boneheaded LSU base running play wiped the tying run off the board in a close 2-1 affair.

In the top of the seventh inning, LSU logged their first run of the game, plating speedster Zach Watson from second on a Josh Smith double. Then, Jake Slaughter singled through the right side to send Smith to third. After him, catcher Michael Papierski grounded into a double play, and Slaughter’s landing at second was by no means regulation.

Clearly, Killebrew’s obituary was written with a sense of humor, an acknowledgment that he loved the Nationals in spite of blown leads and other shortcomings. Killebrew and his family probably planned to roast the Nationals in some way through his obituary, and used the game as a way to say, Hey, Nationals? You played so bad, you literally killed a man. The addition of sending donations to the Nationals Bullpen Fund is a nice, clever bonus to the bit.

Again, condolences to the Killebrew family on the loss of Patrick, but thanks to them for writing a tongue-in-cheek memorial, and giving something that other disgruntled Nationals fans can chuckle about. Rest in peace, Patrick.

Correction: This post originally made note of the timeline of the Nationals-Marlins series, in which I wrote about the June 20 game, where the Nationals defeated the Marlins 12-3. I wrote that there may have been confusion about the time of Killebrew’s death because of that game. There was no confusion to begin with Killebrew died overnight in his sleep, hours after the Nationals lost on June 19. I would like to sincerely apologize to the Killebrew family for making that error.

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Delino DeShields Jr. wore the best Father’s Day shoes to honor his dad

Delino DeShields Jr. probably won Father’s Day for wearing the coolest shoes honoring his father and former-Expo, Delino DeShields Sr.

On the toe of his cleats, he added a really cool fun fact about him and his father.

The picture on his shoes is from when his dad played for the Expos, and my goodness, does is get any cuter than this!?

This doesn’t count the fact that as long as Donaldson plays on the same team for the entirety of the 2018 season, the team that loses him will gain a draft pick in the neighborhood of a $10M-$15M value. So he’s more like a little shy of a $70M asset. According to my aggregate prospect list, Only the top 7 prospects in baseball are worth that.

In The Baron’s proposal, Wong was the main piece going back. That makes sense on the Cardinals’ end. The Blue Jays have Devon Travis at second-base. He has three years of control remaining at this season, and has only played at second at the major league level. Maybe he played third in the minors or his profile makes a transition likely, I don’t know. The Blue Jays aren’t a team I follow closely. But I’m not sure they’d be into Wong that much.

That’s OK though, that just changes the details a bit. The team could trade Wong to a contender that needed a second-baseman for a prospect package. Such a team would value in-season help more than the Blue Jays anyway, at least in the scenario where they’re trading Josh Donaldson because the team is out of it at the deadline. The team could then send that prospect package, plus some other stuff to the Blue Jays. For simplicity though, we’ll just refer to this as trading Wong to the Jays.

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The Tigers’ dugout celebrated the game’s first run with crunches.

Turner Field itself is also in the process of being converted into the new home of Georgia State football. As my colleague Alex Kirshner investigated last December, changing a baseball field into a football one takes time:

Converting Chase Field from baseball to football takes 10 days of 12-to-16-hour work from a team of laborers, Balich said. That’s compared to a three- or four-day process of converting the University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the NFL’s Cardinals, to host the Fiesta. The Pinstripe setup comes together gradually over two or three weeks.

A Beau Jordan bunt toward first brought home Watson, but the Tigers were nowhere near done there. They’d eventually plate four more runners to take a 5-0 advantage in the top of the second.

But the Seminoles’ Drew Mendoza had a swift answer in the bottom of the frame, knocking out a two-out solo shot to left center, which has strikingly received a number of home runs this year, insofar as it runs historically deep. Even before this game had started, the field of eight as a whole had already equalled last year’s CWS home run total, so power hitting certainly remains in this field.

The top of the sixth saw a landmine explode at first base for one of the wildest fielding plays baseball can produce, and FSU plated another run in the bottom of the frame. 5-2, Tigers.

A pair of back-to-back homers to start the bottom of the ninth ended Poche’s night, who’d by then thrown eight innings for seven hits, three earned runs and four strikeouts. LSU would go on to hold the Seminoles to just two more runs, and that was it: LSU, 7-4, and on to face Oregon State again for rights to the CWS finals.

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Jose Altuve stole 3rd because his teammate’s bat got in the way

During Friday’s Red Sox-Astros game, Boston up 2-1 in the eighth inning, Jose Altuve got away with stealing third base. Catcher Christian Vazquez did his best to throw to third, but Evan Gattis’ bat got in the way. Seeing as it was unintentional, there was nothing the umpire could do about it �� shortly after, the Red Sox turned a double play to end the inning, keep the score at 2-1, and eventually win the game.

You may recall a similar incident during Game 5 of the 2015 ALDS between the Rangers and Blue Jays, which SB Nation’s Grant Brisbee titled Choogate.

With Rougned Odor on third, Russell Martin tried to throw back to Aaron Sanchez while Shin-Soo Choo was at bat. However, the throw was deflected by Choo’s bat, turning it into a live ball and giving Odor a chance to score a run. A lot of anger was shown after the incident, but then it was overshadowed by Jose Bautista’s home run and bat flip.

Pitching is the backbone of Kevin O’Sullivan’s outfit this year, and from starter Alex Faedo to closer Michael Byrne, these Gators can throw themselves out of virtually every situation they find themselves in. Faedo was drafted by the Detroit Tigers earlier in the week, and it’ll be surprising if he doesn’t get the ball in Florida’s opener against No. 6 TCU.

The Gators don’t necessarily need to score a truckload of runs to beat a team like, say, Louisville, and that can play as an advantage in long-ranging Omaha. In fact, the Gators hadn’t won a game on a walk-off this season until the first game of their super regional tilt against Wake Forest. The lineup does feature hitters, though, most notably catcher JJ Schwarz, who has three homers in the tournament so far.

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College World Series 2017: Bracket and schedule for Omaha set

The College World Series proper commences this weekend in Omaha, Neb., and just eight teams survive from the original field of 64. Five national seeds are still alive: No. 1 Oregon State, No. 3 Florida, No. 4 LSU, No. 6 TCU, and No. 7 Louisville weathered the regional and super regional rounds, with the Beavers having yet to lose a game in the tournament.

No. 2 overall national seed North Carolina got bounced out of their Chapel Hill regional after losing twice to tournament upstart Davidson, who in turn went on to lose to Texas A&M in the College Station super. The Wildcats were thoroughly outmatched against the Aggies, whose pitching staff and power hitting soon muzzled the underdogs.

It includes both the words Now that my charges have been dropped and an awesome picture, so maybe it isn’t the best deterrent. But there are words of caution:

In case you ignore my advice above and decide to run the field anyway, PLEASE DO NOT STREAK. DO NOT EXPOSE YOURSELF. They will add on additional charges, and from what I’ve heard, they are not one bit pretty.

Welcome back to SB Nation’s series of the teams that are bad at filling positions around the ol’ baseball diamond. If you’re a glass-half-full kind of person, you can call this a series of the teams that are great at filling these positions. But as the planet burns and we sink deeper into the cosmic tar, I prefer to laugh at incompetence.

Mayne was a 32-year-old catcher who had never pitched in his life. Not in little league. Not in college. He was in the game because of a minor skirmish that led to a Rockies pitcher getting unexpectedly ejected. He had to face the Braves, including Andruw Jones and Chipper Jones, in extra innings. And he had to do it in Coors Field in 2000, which might have been the toughest place to pitch in baseball history.

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Face-planting Braves fan can’t believe he lost a race to masked superhero

Between innings at SunTrust Park, Braves fans are apparently treated to a promotion called Beat The Freeze, in which a regular schlub is given a 200-foot head start in a foot race against The Freeze, who is apparently made of pure energy and dreams.

This particular fan was winning. He was enjoying the roar of the crowd. And he wanted to encourage the crowd!

So what does the math say? We’re seeing Wong and Reyes for Donaldson as one possibility. We’re also looking at Wong, Kelly, and Fernandez. Or, the team could offer something like Wong, Weaver, and Flaherty. These all seem fair, in the sense that they pass the hurt test for me (it hurts at least a little to think about losing those players, even for someone like Donaldson).

None of these are franchise crippling deals. Donaldson would be a huge upgrade over Wong over the next two years, and while Wong has two additional years of control, they’re not huge discounts, and perhaps someone like Paul DeJong or Greg Garcia show that they can handle a starting second or third baseman job in 2019, at least until Delvin Perez becomes our own Franscisco Lindor and moves Aledmys Diaz over to second or third. OK, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself here.

Carson Kelly could be great, but the Cardinals still have Yadier Molina under contract for another three and a half years. Of course, Kelly would be a nice insurance against Molina’s production falling off a cliff, and he’d also be nice depth in case of an injury. There’s certainly value to that. But the Cards might find that the best way to get value out of Kelly is in a trade like this one which acquires a top-end talent. As for the pitchers, the Cardinals are a pitching-rich organization right now, so they can take the hit. They could also participate in a pitching-heavy 2017-2018 free agent market.

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LSU baseball held an LSU FOOTBALL spring game before College World Series

College baseball ancillary hijinks have carved out a special place for themselves on this here internet, what with the tedium of common rain delays, the attendant blank spaces requisite to a desultory sport, and the bright imaginations of the sports’ players. The No. 4 LSU Tigers trade in said fun times, and they appear happy and loose before their highly touted Monday night matchup with No. 1 overall national seed, Oregon State.

Oregon State’s catcher Adley Rutschman also plays football for the Beavers in the fall. He’s a kicker, and he even managed to tackle Christian McCaffery on a kickoff last season. So we shouldn’t be too amazed at the athleticism on display here, notwithstanding all the equipment that Rutschman has to contend with.

So, make the catch, then throw the runner out at first. Done and done.

The batter immediately after LoForte, Taylor Bryant who sports some wonderful facial hair walked up next, and slapped a strong offering into the gap in left center. There the ball met with Oregon State left fielder Steven Kwan.

Consecutive web gems for the Beavs here. If Oregon State’s bats haven’t quite shown up yet, their defense is in full on tournament mode.

Oregon State plated four runs in the bottom of the sixth to tie things up at five all.

The Diamondbacks’ list of 10 is Stephen Drew-centric, as you would expect, with five starting-level seasons scattered between 2006 and 2011. The other shortstops on the list included Jay Bell (sure), Alex Cintron (oh, right!), and two of the more recent entries, Chris Owings and Nick Ahmed.

I just listed a bunch of names, and none of them really excited you.

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