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Draft days are over: Royce Lewis signs, and Twitter heroes are remembered

Royce Lewis is starting off his time in MLB the way everyone wants to: by making history. The No.1 draft pick in the 2017 class officially signed with the Minnesota Twins on Saturday, between a doubleheader.

The $6.725 million the Twins rolled to Royce is the most any high school player has received. (No word on whether the Prince umbrella giveaway was thrown in to sweeten the deal.) And Lewis is probably the only new signee to comment on the cleanliness of his new city.

Not everyone can have killer storybook spy names like No.425 overall pick Antoine Mistico, and not everyone can have tools like Lewis, but everybody’s got something.

The card for the tweet up there shows us the first sentence of the story, and you can spot the weasel words right away: might be developing some consistency. I haven’t written about someone taking a baseball to the beans for a week, so I might be giving that beat up. Or maybe I’m sitting in a dark room, waiting, waiting, waiting for someone to crumple over in extreme pain.

But I might be thinking the whole endeavor is just too immature to continue. Might be sitting on a cache of rare paintings to sell, too.

Maybe the article doesn’t need that might be, though. Maybe it was just slipped in by accident, and we’re being too hard on it. How does it read when you click through?

Tebow is gradually finding consistency and discipline at the plate. He had hits in three straight games, and in Sunday’s finale at Hagerstown, he walked twice, including once with the bases loaded in the eighth inning of Columbia’s 5-3 victory.

Hey! That does sound consistent. It feels like the kind of consistency that a fella can build on, and certainly not the kind that can be completely obliterated in the very next paragraph.

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