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This interference call erased the tying run for LSU in the College World Series final

We’re deep into Game 2 of the College World Series championship series, and Florida and LSU have already delivered on what was a much ballyhooed best-of-three tilt. That has continued into Game 2, where a boneheaded LSU base running play wiped the tying run off the board in a close 2-1 affair.

In the top of the seventh inning, LSU logged their first run of the game, plating speedster Zach Watson from second on a Josh Smith double. Then, Jake Slaughter singled through the right side to send Smith to third. After him, catcher Michael Papierski grounded into a double play, and Slaughter’s landing at second was by no means regulation.

Clearly, Killebrew’s obituary was written with a sense of humor, an acknowledgment that he loved the Nationals in spite of blown leads and other shortcomings. Killebrew and his family probably planned to roast the Nationals in some way through his obituary, and used the game as a way to say, Hey, Nationals? You played so bad, you literally killed a man. The addition of sending donations to the Nationals Bullpen Fund is a nice, clever bonus to the bit.

Again, condolences to the Killebrew family on the loss of Patrick, but thanks to them for writing a tongue-in-cheek memorial, and giving something that other disgruntled Nationals fans can chuckle about. Rest in peace, Patrick.

Correction: This post originally made note of the timeline of the Nationals-Marlins series, in which I wrote about the June 20 game, where the Nationals defeated the Marlins 12-3. I wrote that there may have been confusion about the time of Killebrew’s death because of that game. There was no confusion to begin with Killebrew died overnight in his sleep, hours after the Nationals lost on June 19. I would like to sincerely apologize to the Killebrew family for making that error.

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