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Why Randy Johnson was a better strikeout pitcher than Nolan Ryan

The debate over who is the greatest strikeout pitcher of all time often comes down to the two men at the top of the list: Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson.

Here’s why my vote goes to Johnson; it has to do with when he began his major league career.

Whitehead’s agent, David Rich, told the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport early Tuesday that all charges had been dropped because, “Cops had the wrong guy.”

So how did Whitehead get wrongly implicated in the crime? According to the Prince William County statement, “The man charged on the morning of June 22 was not in possession of identification at the time of the encounter; however, did verbally provide identifying information to officers, which included a name, date of birth, and social security number matching that of Rodney Darnell Whitehead, Jr.

“Officers then checked this information through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) database. The DMV photo on file was then used to compare to the man who was in custody. Officers acted in good faith that, at the time, the man in custody was the same man matching the information provided.”

Porter isn’t only a spot-up threat in those situations, though. The Wizards use his gravity as a shooter to put defenders in tricky situations by planting him one or two passes away from the ball handler in the pick-and-roll. If they don’t help in some capacity, Wall or Beal will create a basket for themselves Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike or the roll man. If they commit the cardinal sin of helping one pass away, Porter will cut backdoor for a layup Cheap Official Jerseys or dunk.

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