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The four moves that make Kyrie Irving unstoppable in isolation

Given the talent they have on the roster, it’s no surprise the Cavaliers create more shots out of isolation than any other team in the NBA. The combination of Kevin Love, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving gives them three elite players who can expose mismatches in a variety of ways. If a guard switches onto Love or James, for example, they’ll use their strength to bully them in the post. If a big switches onto Irving, he can clear Sports Cheap Jerseys the floor and attack them one-on-one.

While there is always room for debate among the star players, such as whether Russell Westbrook deserved a starting nod over Stephen Curry or James Harden, there are some things that aren’t debatable. Like all of the votes that went to players who undeservingly voted for themselves.

Or the 128 players who didn’t vote for LeBron James, or the 154 who thought Kevin Durant wasn’t good enough. Those are the players Kerr is referring to.

“I saw the list. I saw all the guys who got votes and I don’t know. Are Top Cheap Jerseys we allowed to vote for yourself? Yeah? So I don’t know, are guys voting for themselves? I mean, there are 50 guys on there who had no business getting votes,” Kerr continued. “So although a lot of people wrote in their buddies for the presidential vote as well, so maybe that’s just their own way of making a statement, but I just, I think if you’re going to give the players a vote I think they should take it seriously.”

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